10 best photography background apps and wallpaper apps for Android

There are numerous wallpaper apps available, but only a few focus solely on photography.

Wallpaper apps are available everywhere. They are plentiful in the Google Play Store. You can also look for more information online. Some people, on the other hand, have a particular fondness for photography. Photos typically have absurdly high resolutions. There are pictures of cityscapes, landscapes, people, cars, and other things. The good news is that there are numerous apps designed specifically for photographers. Here are the best Android photography background apps!

The best photography background apps for Android

  • 7fon
  • Google Search
  • Reddit and Imgur
  • NASA
  • Resplas
  • Walli
  • Wallpapers by Google
  • Walldrobe
  • Walpy
  • Wonderwall

7fon wallpapers 

7fon is a Google Play developer who has several wallpaper apps. The developer’s flagship app, which can be found here, has a plethora of wallpapers in various categories, as do most large wallpaper apps. The developer also has wallpaper apps for dogs, cats, AMOLED displays, seasons, and space. The majority of those apps include photography. In the main app, you get 120,000 wallpapers, a decent search, and 65 categories. Naturally, the more specialized apps have fewer options. This collection should have something for everyone, especially if you like winter, cats, or dogs.

Google Search

Google Search

Let’s start with the most obvious. When looking for a specific type of wallpaper, Google Search is usually the first place to look. That’s usually because it works and displays a plethora of websites rather than just one, as most apps do. You can also add parameters to the search to ensure that you find the correct type and resolution. It’s a little unpredictable, but Google Search can at least point you in the right direction. It’s also free, and it came with your phone anyway. You might as well put it to use!

Reddit and Imgur


Another great resource for photography backgrounds and wallpapers is Reddit. There are numerous photography subreddits. Most of them have a large selection of photographs to choose from. To make them your background, simply download and apply them to your home screen. We recommend subreddits such as r/itookapicture, r/photocritique, r/astrophotography, and r/earthporn. There are numerous others as well. Reddit is completely free to use. Reddit Gold is an optional subscription that removes ads and adds some extra features.


If you enjoy space imagery, NASA’s official app is an excellent source for wallpapers. The app contains a wealth of information about NASA, space, and other related topics. You can also watch the agency’s video content. The star players on this list, however, are the 16,000 images taken by various satellites and the ISS, with more arriving every day. It is not landscape or urban photography. These, however, are photographs of space and its various secrets and designs. Many of them are also quite high resolution. This should be useful for anyone looking for legitimate space photos to use as a background. It’s also completely free to play, with no in-app purchases.


Resplash is one of the list’s newer photography wallpaper apps. It also has a fairly large image library. The app contains over 1.2 million photos from various categories. It’s a good place to find a lot of stuff at once. You can also download the raw image in its highest resolution, apply an AMOLED-friendly dark theme, set wallpapers directly from the app, and save favorites for later download. To use the auto-set wallpaper feature, users must disable battery optimization, but the app otherwise appears to work as advertised.


Walli is a relatively new photography background app. This one has more categories than just photography, but it does have photography. Artists are recognized for their contributions in this section. It’s not much, but seeing apps do that is cool. After all, it is an app that is primarily supported by advertisements, which do not pay well. In any case, the user interface is clean, and the options are above average. Furthermore, the photography is usually of sufficient resolution for virtually any mobile phone screen. This one is actually quite good.

Wallpapers by Google

Google’s wallpaper app is called Wallpapers. The selection isn’t as extensive as some others. Almost every wallpaper on this page, however, is a photograph of something. They’re usually Google Earth images of coastlines or landscapes. However, there are a few cityscape photos in there as well. This is a good place to look for some good wallpapers. However, it has a much smaller scope than most of its competitors. This one, on the other hand, is completely free and without advertisements, which is always a plus.


Walldrobe is one of the list’s newer photography wallpaper apps. It has a massive collection of photography wallpapers, ranging from landscapes to single objects and even some creative stuff. There is also an auto changer, which allows the app to change the wallpaper for you at predetermined intervals. You can configure that feature so that it does not drain your battery too quickly. The user interface is quite good, and other features include several different layouts, AMOLED-friendly photos, and a collection of over one million photographs. The app freely admits that it uses Unsplash for its wallpapers.


Walpy is an app that automatically changes your wallpaper. You get new wallpapers every day, and the app automatically sets them for you. It gets its wallpapers from Unsplash.com, and from a quick glance at its website, it appears to have a really good selection. That’s all the app does, and it works as it should. If users want to save battery and data, they can configure the app to only set wallpapers while the device is charging and connected to WiFi. Aside from that, the photos appear to be high resolution and diverse. If you’re interested, the premium version also includes some extra features.


Wonderwall is a fantastic wallpaper app. This one only features photography backgrounds. It includes a Material Design user interface, a hand-picked collection of photography wallpapers, and some extra features. Many Google Play reviews complain that its auto-set capabilities do not always work properly. Everything else about the app, on the other hand, appears to be a home run. It’s a great place to find some seriously cool wallpapers. The app is completely free and contains no advertisements. There are in-app donations available for purchase. They are not required to use any of the app’s features. Also, the video below lacks a thumbnail, but it is an actual demonstration of the app.



10 best photography background apps and wallpaper apps for Android

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