How To Immediately Install Android 13 On Pixel?  

Google said that it would start pushing out the Android 13 upgrade to its lineup of Pixel devices on August 15, 2022. Although, as is customary with Android updates, this does not imply that, even if you own a Pixel device that qualifies (essentially, a Pixel 4 or newer), you will instantly have the update […]

Flex Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold

You now proudly possess a foldable device from Samsung. You, the early adopter, are very cute! Your smartphone can be used in a few more ways than a conventional slab-style phone, which is presumably why you chose to get one.   One of their characteristics is Flex Mode. That is simply another name for using […]

Top 5 Best Android Camera Apps for Snapping Photos!

Top 5 Best Android Camera Apps The flood of accessible and affordable digital capture devices (particularly digital cameras and smartphones) has enabled millions of people worldwide to self-produce digital content. Armed with handheld digicams or camera-enabled smartphones, millions of people around the world flood social networking sites on a daily basis with petabytes (or exabytes, […]

How to retrieve lost files on Android: Your guide to Android data recovery

Lost a file on your Android device? Try these methods to get it back. Everyone has experienced the agony of unintentionally deleting a file. When you realize what you’ve done, your heart sinks. Losing files is inconvenient, but it is a fact of life in the digital age. But all is not lost, as there […]

Scanning QR Code Using a Samsung Galaxy Phone  

QR codes, which were created to replace barcodes, have been there since 1994. They are growing more popular and are becoming a part of life. We first saw them onboarding tickets and loyalty cards before scanning them. A QR code may hold a range of data, such as contact information, Wi-Fi passwords, URLs, and more. […]

iPhone 14 Pro Could Be a Big Letdown – Here’s Why…

The lack of a telephoto upgrade may cause me to pass on the iPhone 14 Pro. A 48-megapixel camera and the abolition of the infamous display notch are two rumored standout features for the iPhone 14 Pro, but I have a feeling Apple’s next flagship phone will disappoint me. That’s not just because it’ll almost […]

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