Best Online Video Conference Platform in 2022

Microsoft Teams, the successor to Skype for Business, is starting to fulfil its full promise as a video conference solution for enterprises.

The enterprise version of the software has all the features of the successors Lync and Skype Business. Anyone can sign up with a personal email address to the free version of Microsoft Teams. It supports up to 300 meeting attendees and guests, access to single and group video and audio calls, shared files (up to 2 GB per user or up to 10 GB per team), screen sharing and document collaboration through online office web apps.

One application, Microsoft Teams, allows users to schedule video and audio meetings with a single person or team. Administrators can also schedule webinars and large meetings with up to 10,000 participants.

Web conferencing software enables participants to conduct and participate in meetings over the Internet. Full integration with Microsoft 365 means calls, schedules and invitations can be shared across the company and external guests can join via their web browser or by downloading one of the applications. These tools allow remote meetings on VoIP, online video, instant messaging, file sharing and screen sharing – what have become the fundamental tools for many companies.

Video conferencing tools have been trialled over the years to help you meet and work together with greater flexibility, and HD video is a great collaboration tool. I hope this short tutorial will help you understand the basic functions of a videoconferencing solution. Many of the leading conference software platforms, all of which are capable of delivering high-quality video and full-fledged collaboration tools, offer live streaming and webinar capability, but our focus is on virtual meetings.

Zoho Meetings, also known as the Virtual Meeting Platform, allows users to conduct and participate in online meetings. It has desktop sharing and display tools to ensure groups can work together. A wide range of whiteboard and screen-sharing tools expands the possibilities of collaboration in meetings.

Zoom is the best video conferencing service for business and education thanks to its endless features and customizations, powerful audio and video performance and generous free plan. If you are already using a Zoho CRM product, Zoho Meeting is a top option to consider. It is a high quality solution for small business owners who need the basic functionality to use the platform.

People with a free account can hold 40-minute meetings with up to 100 participants and enjoy access to most features available to paid customers, such as breakout rooms, screen sharing, annotations and whiteboarding. If your team is larger and your needs bigger, Zoom can enter the corporate stratosphere at the paid level, enabling unlimited meeting lengths of up to 1,000 attendees, additional live tech support, live streaming and ample cloud storage.

Advanced features include active speaker view, dual stream, dual screen and full screen view. Web conferencing features include keyboard and mouse sharing, recording and storage, embedded meeting widgets, lock-to-meeting applications, desktop sharing, video conferencing – co-branding and local dial numbers. With updated plans, companies can have as many users as they want for unlimited meetings, and video conferencing includes many more features.

Audio conferencing is available as an add-on to the paid level, so that guests can attend meetings over the phone and it comes standard with RingCentral video. It’s also worth noting that current Skype for Business users can migrate to Microsoft teams. This video conferencing app has been around for a while and provides a scalable solution but is directed at a higher number of participants.

UberConferences free version allows unlimited video conferencing and you can use it for recurring meetings, one-on-one calls and monthly team meetings. It limits the duration of your video call to 45 minutes, making it ideal for shorter meetings. The free plan includes up to three subscriber video calls – which is ideal for small teams or individuals who need a simple tool to make video calls and collaborate in small groups.

Pexip, considered one of the largest virtual meeting platforms in the industry, enables users to hold meetings on various cloud services such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure with the ability to customize service size and functionality to match traditional video operations. The cost of using Pexip depends on the size of the meeting you wish to hold, but there is a free trial option. Like most virtual meeting platforms, Cisco offers its users a free way to use its services.

Google Meet, Hangouts and Meet are video conference software aimed at business users, while the Google Hangouts app is more suitable for chatting with friends. All three are part of Google’s Workplace G Suite, and users can tap them all. The basic version is free for up to 100 users, and all three services have maximum hour of a devoted user, but the Enterprise level allows live streaming for up to 250 subscribers, 300 hours and 100,000 viewers.

Google Meet (formerly Hangouts Meet), an improved version of Google’s default Hangout, is designed to make it easier to work with external customers. Google Meet is a reputable business conference platform that does not require large upfront hardware costs and makes it accessible to companies of all sizes.

The service offers dial-up conference calls, local toll-free VoIP calls and some other services. Google Meet as part of a business-oriented Voice over IP (VoIP) package allows you to switch between voice and video calls and initiate and exchange meetings at the touch of a button without losing the original connection.

Most online meeting providers offer traditional web conferencing features such as screen sharing, presentations and the moderation of large group meetings, as well as traditional video conferencing features such as reciprocal video and audio. Screen sharing allows users to display their screens to other conference participants. However, the line between web conferencing software and video conferencing software is often blurred.

Best Online Video Conference Platform in 2022

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