How to Bypass the Twitter Rate Limit?

Elon Musk recently announced his decision to limit the number of tweets a user can read per day, disappointing people worldwide. The move has been criticized left, right, and center, especially by the users who spend a considerable time on the platform for news, memes, and all the latest scoop from across the world.

While the limit was earlier set to 6000 tweets for verified, 600 for unverified, and 300 for new users, it has now been increased to 10k, 1k, and 500 respectively. However, the numbers are still not good enough and users are now looking for ways to bypass the rate limit.

Well, fortunately, there are certain ways through which you can go around the per-day tweet limit and enjoy the complete Twitter experience just like before. Here are three ways to bypass the Twitter rate limit:

Use Browser Extension

This method works on the web version of the platform. You can download the OldTwitter extension on your browser, which will restore the Twitter layout from 2015, along with its features from the time. So you will no longer have to worry about the rate limit.

The extension is available for all major browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Apart from removing the per-day read limit restriction, the extension also provides you with some other interesting features, including setting the feed to reverse chronological order.


TweetDeck is a tool for managing Twitter accounts. The platform lets you handle your Twitter activities from one place. TweetDeck works independently and allows you to bypass Twitter’s Rate Limit Policy, which means you can surpass the recent restrictions imposed by Twitter.

However, it’s important to note that TweetDeck is also only available on web browsers and doesn’t have a mobile app. To use it, simply go to and log in with your Twitter account. Once you’re logged in, you can customize your Twitter experience by creating different columns. 

These columns allow you to have various sections displayed on the same screen, such as searches, top articles, direct messages, and lists. It should be noted that TweetDeck’s ability to bypass Twitter’s Rate Limit policy might not last forever as Elon Musk, may introduce measures to prevent this in the future.

Use Opera GX Browser

Opera GX Browser has launched a new update that lets you bypass Twitter Rate Limit. The update has been released for both the smartphone and desktop versions. Follow the below steps to use the Opera GX browser to derestrict the per-day tweet limit:

  1. Install Opera GX browser on your Android or iOS smartphones or your desktop.
  2. Simply open the browser and go to You can then continue to use the platform as per the usual practice, and would not find any ‘Rate limit exceeded’ or ‘Cannot retrieve Tweets at this time’ error message even if you cross the stipulated tweet-reading limit.

So go ahead and try out the different ways to bypass the Twitter rate limit. And let us know which method worked the best for you in the comments section.

How to Bypass the Twitter Rate Limit?

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