Why is it Worth Buying a VPN this Black Friday?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” A VPN is a brilliant tool to protect yourself online and browse the web seamlessly. If you’re still using the Internet without a VPN, it is going to be worth buying one this Black Friday. You may ask why so? I’ll explain that here.

There are many benefits of using the Internet while connecting through a VPN. However, your VPN must be a reliable one to be able to reap those perks. There are a number of good VPN vendors available online. However, their price is a limitation for a lot of people.

Black Friday is known to solve this problem. On Black Friday, the sellers provide impressive offers, deals, and discounts to attract more buyers and increase their sales. Whereas, the buyers are in the ‘buying mode’ due to lucrative offers present in their view.

So, if you decide to buy a VPN, Cyber Month will be the perfect opportunity. Now let’s find out why you should buy a VPN, and why buy it this Black Friday.

Why you should buy a VPN this Black Friday?

As the common saying goes that “Online privacy is a myth,” you are never 100% safe and secure while using the Internet. However, you can change this by using a good VPN. The VPN encrypts your connection and routes it through a private server. This way, your web traffic, and IP address become secure and untrackable.

As a result, you will be completely safe. When cybercriminals and online threats try to attack you, they will actually attack the VPN server’s IP. They will not be able to harm you. That’s why you should always use the Internet with a good VPN.

November, specifically the time around Black Friday, is the best time if you want to get a good VPN. This is because almost every good VPN vendor is offering an excellent deal on the purchase.

So, you’ll be able to get the services of a premium VPN at a very affordable price. Even the top-tier VPNs can be bargained down to a massive discount.

Key Benefits of using the Internet with VPN

If you are still skeptical, take a look at these additional benefits of using the Internet while being connected to a good VPN.

  • Avoid geo-restrictions and access blocked content like Netflix, Disney+, and other platforms easily.
  • Access certain websites free that are not yet available in your region.
  • Say no to data throttling by your ISP.
  • No censorship while you are traveling abroad.
  • Limitless coverage to sports and other events from anywhere.
  • Prevent price discrimination and unlock better offers on shopping sites.
  • An extra layer of security while shopping or banking online.
  • Safely use social media platforms.

This might’ve made you realize that why a VPN is a must while staying online. You can now understand that why is it worth buying a VPN this Black Friday.

Best Deals on VPN this Black Friday

If you have decided to buy a VPN this Black Friday and grab an incredible discount, here are the deals on the top VPN service providers.

1. ExpressVPN – Get 3 Months Free

ExpressVPN is the most popular and the best VPN that one can have. This Black Friday, ExpressVPN is offering an impressive discount of 49% when you purchase the yearly plan. Along with this, you will also get  3 months of subscription for free, and a year of cloud backup from Backblaze.

You will get a total of 15 months of ExpressVPN and free cloud backup for a year. The monthly cost will only be $6.67 per month while the regular price of ExpressVPN is $12.95.

Find the Deal here

2. NordVPN- 72% Off

NordVPN is another top-tier VPN that you can buy this Black Friday. You can get NordVPN for only $3.29 a month when you buy the 2-year plan as it is available for a massive 72% off. They are even offering a 30-day Money Back Guarantee in case you change your mind.

Find the Deal here

3. SurfShark VPN- 82% Off

SurfShark is a rapidly growing name in the VPN industry due to its strict security and exceptional performance. This Black Friday, SurfShark is offering a discount of 82% when you buy the 2-year plan. Just like ExpressVPN, you will also get 3 months free with it.

However, the total cost per month is way lesser than its competitors. SurfShark will only cost you $2.21 per month.

Find the Deal here

These are some of the best deals available on VPN this Black Friday. There are many other offers available as well. We have created a separate buying guide for VPN on our website. It has the best deals, offers, and discounts available this Cyber Month. You can check it out.

Buying a good VPN will definitely be worth any time as it will save you from a lot of consequences that you might meet by using the Internet without a VPN. So, don’t ignore these amazing deals and proceed to buy the VPN of your choice.

Why is it Worth Buying a VPN this Black Friday?

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