Control TV and DTH with your Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung finds the latest use of IR blaster port. Though, it is an old technology but Samsung use it in a new form. WatchOn app helps you control DTH set top box and LCD TV through Samsung mobile. Isn’t it great? You can move to Samsung Store and easily download the application in your Galaxy S5. The application will give you idea which brands it support and the DTH providers.

You can follow the following guide on to setup this app on Galaxy S5.

  • Open your application
  • Select your country
  • Select the brand of your TV
  • The application will ask to keep your Galaxy S5 in front of the television
  • Tap the button on the application
  • Then power up your television
  • Change the input
  • If it showing successful, then your TV brand supports it

For DTH support, the process is same. Once it is completed, you can use the phone to control the features of your television. It will give a sheer happiness to enjoy your TV and phone at the same time.

Yes, it also supports DVD and disc player. You can save the profile if you two televisions. In the name of Rooms, you can save the devices. With this app, it has freedom to control all the features of TV. It is a unique feature of the phone which makes life simpler. Samsung Galaxy S5 comes up with many features which are incredible. It helps you greatly to have maximum advantage from this phone.

This latest phone is incredible in terms of advanced technology. Samsung hit the market with Android OS. Hence, many customers are using this phone for additional benefits. Are you thinking to change your phone? Then, you can choose Samsung Galaxy S5 for better and effective result.

The online shopping is not a bad idea. To enjoy the above features of the phone, you can purchase the phone. It will give you maximum benefit and save time and money. All you need is to enjoy a happy shopping sitting in your home. It is the best way to get an easy delivery at your home. You should research the website and make a good purchase. Not all websites are safe. Hence, it is your duty to purchase the phone from a reliable store. Check the payment mode before you make any decision on the purchase. So, there will no loss and you can use the features flawlessly.

Control TV and DTH with your Samsung Galaxy S5

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