What should you do if your camera gets sand into the lens?

How to get sand out of your camera lens?

Solution –

– Take a soft cloth and clean up the entire body of camera before you touch your lens part. Now get a smooth/soft brush and gently wipe the portion of the lens

– You have to be particularly cautious if you want to use a blower to wipe of the remaining dust particles once you are done with the removing of large particles of sand. Do not use canned air to blow the sand as the force is so strong that it can blow the sand particles inside your camera.

– As a precaution, see to that you didn’t left out any sand particles before using a fan/blower as they might scratch the lens area.

– If the camera is too sandy, you should consult a repair center to do the cleaning. Generally a branded camera will have its own authorized servicing center and it’s better to have servicing done from their shop.

– Sometimes repairs might cost you dear. In such cases, You might consider to have it replaced if it’s under warranty

Tips –

It’s advised take a waterproof case (or) keep your camera in a plastic cover while you plan to go on a holiday to beach to take photographs.

Additionally consider taking a zip lock bag which is safe to keep your camera while you are on the move to a nearby beach

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What should you do if your camera gets sand into the lens?

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