Xbox One Controller Not Turning On – Fixed

Are you having issues with Xbox One controller? Probably, your Xbox One controller not turning on no matter what. Various Xbox users are facing Xbox one controller won’t turn on issue. Mostly, the Xbox One controller not turning on a problem usually occurs with the wireless controller rather than a wired one. However, using old generations of controllers brings its own issues. Xbox One controller won’t turn on an issue that occurs during the update. Here is the troubleshooting for the Xbox One controller not turning on an issue that fixes connecting, paring, syncing as well.

Xbox One Controller not Turning On Troubleshoot

Method 1: Connect Controller via USB

Basically, you need a working USB cable that is not broken or twisted. USB cable from a smartphone charger can be used in case you are assuming the cable is damaged. The last thing you need is fresh Xbox controller batteries and then follow the given instructions.

  1. Turn off the Xbox One console by pressing the Xbox button. (Located on the front side of the console).
  2. Unplug the power supply cord from the wall socket.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds.
  4. Plug the USB cable into the console and controller.
  5. Plug the power supply cord.
  6. Turn on the Console (By pressing the Xbox button on the console)
  7. After a few minutes, the controller lit up.

A significant user has fixed their controller by applying these instructions. This method is best if your controller won’t turn on during updates. Try other instructions still Xbox One controller not turning on.

Method 2: Recharging or Replacing the Batteries

Xbox One controller not turning on the issue is caused by the dead batteries or if you haven’t charged batteries in a while. However, you can solve this issue by using fresh batteries or recharging the batteries.

  1. Insert USB port into the console.
  2. Connect another end of the USB into the controller.
  3. Turn on the console to start controller charging.

Note: If your console is turned off then the controller won’t be charged. Turn on the console to start controller charging. If charging won’t start then probably the USB cable is damaged. Try with another USB cable to connect the console and controller.

Method 3: Insert Batteries Properly

Another reason for Xbox One controller not turning on is batteries are not properly installed on the controller. This issue causes the controller won’t charge even if everything is alright. A slight displacement on batteries can break the power supply on the controller.

The only remedy for batteries issue is to check the battery size is compatible with the controller. Avoid using a third party and damaged batteries. If you have fresh and official Xbox One controller batteries, install it carefully. Now, connect the controller with the console to charge the newly installed batteries.

Method 4: Check the Battery Contact

Sometimes battery contacts get bents and the controller won’t turn on. If you hard push the batteries while inserting. The metal tabs bents and batteries won’t get in contact with it. You can verify the battery contacts are not bent by removing the battery cover and batteries. If the battery contact is bent, use a screwdriver to bent outward the battery tab.

Note: Don’t push too hard the batteries while inserting. Too much force can bent battery tabs permanently.

Method 5: Test Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

The cable shouldn’t be damaged or broken. Verify both ends of the USB cable are properly connected to the console and controller. If everything is correct but the console won’t turn on. Try connecting to different USB ports of the console. Still, the Xbox One controller not turning on replace the USB cable.

Method 6: Update Firmware

Xbox One controller relay on the firmware. If the controller is running on outdated version firmware. It may start showing some issues and won’t work properly. Using the previous version of controller firmware may be preventing the controller from turning on. However, you have to update Xbox One controller to make it turn on properly. Install the controller update by following instructions:

  1. Use USB to Connect the controller with the PC that is running with Windows 10 OS.
  2. Open the Xbox Accessories app on Pc. (Install it from Microsoft store)
  3. Confirm “Update Require” from the Pop-up.
  4. Once the update finishes, Click on Close.

Once the controller update completed, turn on the controller by pressing the power button. This method requires a PC running on Windows 10 OS. But I’ve already guided on How to Update Xbox One Controller. You can check if you want different ways to update controllers.

Method 7: Contact Microsoft Customer Support

Unfortunately, If none of the methods helped to turn on Xbox One controller. The time is to contact the Xbox support team. Your controller will be repaired if you are running under the warranty. Else they may charge a little cost to repair your controller.

Final Thoughts

Xbox One controller not turning on issue is fixable on your own. I have mentioned step-by-step instructions if you get stuck on the procedure. Do let me know about the comment. However, if you successfully fixed the issue mention which method worked for you.

Why is My Xbox One Controller Not Turning On

1. Why is my Xbox controller flashing but not turning on?

Ans: If you press the Xbox button on the controller, it flashes. It indicates the controller is not paired to the console.

2. Why does my Xbox controller randomly stop working?

Ans: Because you are using the controller that is running on an outdated version of console firmware. Update the controller with recent firmware to fix the Xbox controller randomly stop working.

3. How to fix Xbox One controller won’t turn on unless plugged in

Ans: Your controller isn’t synced with Xbox wirelessly. However, connect the controller via USB, it automatically syncs with Xbox. Wait for a few minutes and then remove the USB. Now your Xbox controller can work wirelessly.

4. Does Xbox One controller not turning on issue bring other issues?

Ans: There may be some sort of issues that are preventing the Xbox controller from turning on. If that issue is not fixed then controller drifting, controller not syncing issue may occur.

Xbox One Controller Not Turning On – Fixed

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