Xbox One Not Reading Disc

Are you trying to install a game using a disc on Xbox One console? Well, if you continuously use the disc to then you might suffer Xbox One not reading disc issue. This problem can cause an Xbox installation to stop. Xbox One not reading disc issue’s main victims are those users who rely on physical copies rather than digital. There are several reasons including disc not supported, the console’s not reading the disc, and many more. This issue indicates that you won’t be able to play the game on that disc.

Today, I’m going to share some working methods to solve Xbox One not reading disc problems. So before starting to instructions, learn more about the disc not recognized issue on Xbox One console.

Xbox One Not Reading Disc

Generally, Xbox One not reading disc indicates the data or file has been corrupted on the disc and cannot be read by the console. When you insert a disc on the console the error message delivered saying either the game won’t be played or the disc not recognized. In some cases, when you insert a disc on the console, it says the disc has already inserted. It means Xbox couldn’t recognize the disc. However, sometimes instant-On power mode setting on Xbox prevents from reading the disc and your console’s disc drive needs servicing.

Obviously, the disc should be clean and free from dust or scratches to be run on the disc drive. Besides, using such discs may cause disc not reading problems. The actual reason for causing the disc not reading issue may not be mentioned here. But here are some solutions that solve Xbox One not reading disc issue:

Method 1: Remedy for Xbox One Not Reading Disc

  1. Restart Xbox console: Rebooting your console is a quick and first solution. It has fixed many errors and problems.
  2. Ensure external hard drive has default storage to install the game while using USB flash drive Xbox.
  3. You can perform a power surge on the Xbox console by unplugging the power cords on both the console and wall socket. The power cycle helps to prevent errors and bugs as well.
  4. Sometimes you have to verify the external hard drive is properly connected with the cable. Unplug the connector and switch it properly to fix generic errors.
  5. Update your console with the latest version of the firmware. Press the Xbox button to open Guide on your controller, then choose Settings > System settings > Wired network (or your wireless network) > Test Xbox Live connection. Confirm installing updates.
  6. Use the official hard drive for Xbox, some games won’t support third-party hard drives.
  7. You should clean the disc before inserting it on the console.
  8. Clear Cache on Xbox console by pressing and holding the Xbox button to turn off the console. unplug the power cord and press and hold the Xbox button repeat the process to power the surge console. Plug the power cord again and wait until the orange light glows on the power supply. Now you can turn on your console.
  9. Insert the disc on another console and verify the issues are occurring or not.
  10. Make sure the Blu-ray player app is properly installed and configured.

Method 2: Change Power modes and power cycle of the console

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide
  2. Go to System and then select Settings
  3. Select Power & Startup > Power mode and startup > Power mode > Energy saving
  4. Now, Hard power cycle by pressing the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds and press the button again to restart.
  5. Insert the disc and wait until the disc reads.

Method 3: Reposition your console

The wrong position of your console may cause the Xbox One not reading disc issue. Place the Xbox console horizontally, stable, and clean the surface area. Try playing the affected game. Check if the issue occurs or not.

Method 4: Reset Xbox One Operating System

When resetting Xbox One console you have to choose to remove everything but keep games and apps. This reset deletes cache and corrupted data files on Xbox One console. You don’t need to keep back up for resetting Xbox One operating system.

  1. Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.
  2. Go to Settings > All Settings >System > Console info & updates > Reset console
  3. Select Reset and keep my games & apps.

This reset keeps games and apps. Note: Do not select Reset & remove everything, else your games, data, the setting will be deleted. Sometimes, an Operating system error caused the problem in that case your Xbox One not reading the disc. If there is any error of firmware, you can fix the issue without deleting games and apps on the Xbox console. Once the console finishes rebooting, you have to complete the general setup for the console. Try playing games using discs.

Method 5: Verify the Disc Damage

A broken or scratched disc does not read by the disc driver. Hence, Xbox One not reading the disc. You can verify whether the disc is damaged by close looking at the backside of the disc. If there is any visible scratch then the disc is damaged. However, you have to replace the disc and be careful before using it. You can apply cleaning measures to protect discs from being damaged.

Method 6: Try Another Game Disc

If there is no physical damage on the game disc, there may be a change of software failure or error on the game configuration. To verify the disc driver is properly working, insert another game disc. When the game disc is properly working and you are able to play games using a disc. If you are unable to play games that mean the Xbox disc driver is causing the issue. You have to replace the disc drive to solve this problem.

Method 7: Replace the game

When all troubleshooting won’t work on your console, you have to let that game go. However, the corrupt game can cause the issue. You can play another game instead of that. If you really want to play that game then you can install it digitally. If you rely on physical installation, you have to buy a new disc. But digital installation is a better solution and economically acceptable.

Method 8: Check for Disc Driver Errors

When you try to play any disc-based game on Xbox One console, it won’t be played due to a disc driver error. If none of the disc-based games are working on your console. It means the issue is caused by disc driver failure.

Method 9: Request for Repair

None of the methods are working? Don’t worry your Xbox One console needs to be repaired. You can request to repair the console. You can submit requests on the Xbox Online support service.

Final thoughts

Xbox One not reading disc problem is fixed by these methods. There are significant numbers of users whose Xbox One not reading disc issue is solved. If you are able to fix the disc not reading issues, let us know. You can leave a comment. If you have any questions regarding Xbox One not reading disc issue, here are some widely asked questions.

Widely Aksed Questions on Xbox One Not Reading Disc

1. Why is my Xbox one not reading disc?

Ans: The internet is full of numerous reasons for Xbox one not reading the disc. You have to be careful of dust and other third party particles which are responsible for disc damage.

2. How do I clean my Xbox one disk drive?

Ans: To clean your Xbox one disk drive, you need to take it apart in the disc drive. First of all, remove the outer cover and unplug the PSU cable. You can have access to the Blu-ray player, unscrew all and unplug it. Use an air duster to clean dust and assemble everything.

Xbox One Not Reading Disc

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