Apple iPhone Suddenly Gets A New Bug 

The latest bug was uncovered and confirmed by Apple which will affect millions of iPhones along with the iPhone 13 series. It isn’t harmful, and it will not block your iPhone from operating, but it is intriguing and probably a bit disrespectful.  

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Since it is related to iOS 15, and maybe older, and involves a very specific set of circumstances surrounding Apple Music, the newly found problem has the potential to harm a large number of customers.  

Developers on iPhone’s New Bug

Kevin Archer saw the unusual behavior. He is an iOS developer. It is about what occurs when you install Apple Music which is available in App Store. When you download the Apple Music it will automatically be placed somewhere on your iPhone. It will be on the available spot, correct? If you’ve got a 3rd party application in the 4th space on your home screen dock, Apple Music will replace it.  

So, if you have Spotify at spot 4 on the dock, like Archer, when you install Apple Music, it would throw Spotify out, shifting it to the home screen while installing Apple’s competitor application in place in the dock. Archer’s tweet exemplifies this.  

Apple's New Bug

I mean, it’s more of a joke than a real issue. And it takes a very unique use case to see it, namely, you must have previously removed Apple Music and elected to install it again. Only then will it appear in the dock.

To be clear, this is a problem, not a design, and Apple has verified to 9to5Mac and other outlets that it is investigating. Furthermore, it is not particularly targeting Spotify: other applications will be booted out if they are in the 4th place in the dock, which is Apple Music’s default location. In other term, it appears like Apple Music is just returning to where it seems most at ease.  

Several People on Twitter have reported out that Apple’s own programs, may be knocked out from the dock by a freshly installed Apple Music, and it may occasionally put itself in position 3 in the dock, for example.  

Apple's New Bug

Another developer, Dim Sartz, believes that this is a problem that has existed since iOS 12 when Apple enabled the ability to uninstall its applications. Apple Music appears at the dock by default. So it means that the developers did not consider this scenario.  

Whether it is correct or not, it is evident that iOS appears to desire to set particular default applications in specific locations. It does not appear plausible, as has been stated, that Apple is manipulating the system to drive competitors to Apple Music: the bumping occurs for any 3rd party application in that dock location.  

Soon iOS 15.5 will be released by Apple. So we hope that this bug will be addressed in this update. If not, iOS 15.5.1 should be available soon. 


Source: Forbes

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Apple iPhone Suddenly Gets A New Bug 

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