3 Stunning Features Of iOS 16  

Apple’s iOS 16 has been revealed, and it has a slew of beautiful new additions that improve iPhone privacy and security while still being highly helpful.  

iOS 16, which was unveiled at Apple’s yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), has yet to make a significant impact on the online advertising market, namely Facebook. But it doesn’t imply anything is on the way. It has been speculated that Private Relay might become accessible by default to all iPhones, and this might still happen.  

iOS 16

The soon-to-be-released iOS 16 OS includes many long-desired additions and, at its core, maintains Apple‘s concept of providing you greater authority over the data on your iPhone. On the security front, Apple wants iPhone users to be safe by default, and a few of the latest iOS 16 functionalities are designed to help them achieve that goal.  

Here’s what you can expect from iOS 16 when it launches in this Fall.  

Top 3 Stunning Features of iOS 16

Unsend Messages

This is a significant feature that most Apple fans have been seeking for quite some time. Apple has added the option to modify and unsend messages on iMessage. This implies that unwanted late-night messages or awkward work DMs may be removed in a single glance. 

It’s simple; just use the Undo Send tool to retrieve the message. If you’ve modified the message, the only indication to the recipient will be a little “edited” under the text. Apple is still trying to catch up with this iPhone function, but it won’t be long until you can use it.  

iOS 16 unsend message


Passwords are a pain. They are often assumed, are disclosed in breaches, and are frequently repeated across services. I frequently extol the virtues of password managers, but there’s something much better on the horizon— Apple’s Passkeys feature in iOS 16 aims to eliminate the need for passwords altogether.  

Passkey is not just an Apple idea; they’re pushed by the FIDO Alliance, which Apple, Google, and Microsoft are members of. Passkeys, which is founded on the WebAuthn protocol, uses public-key encryption to protect your profiles, eliminating the necessity for passwords entirely. In a nutshell, when you use Passkeys in iOS 16, Apple will verify you in the backend, and all you have to do is use Face ID or Touch ID instead of a password. Isn’t it cool?  

iOS 16 passkeys

Safety Check 

In iOS 16, a new privacy tool called Safety Check will be available to assist safeguard people from abusive spouses. The tool allows you to cancel all access to accounts you may have formerly authorized, as well as an urgent reset function that will instantly log you out of iCloud and reset your privacy rights. This guarantees that messages are only received by the device you are now using. This iOS 16 feature is also useful in a broader sense—you can utilize Safety Check to examine who and what applications have access to your data.  

One more thing…  

Although no big ad-impacting iPhone features have been announced thus far, which does not mean they won’t be in future iOS 16 betas. Other amazing new functions include the option to lock Hidden Photos and Deleted Photos by default to protect your private photos, as well as the ability to access Wi-Fi passwords and get essential security fixes on your iPhone by default.

iPhone 13 

It’s early days, but it’s evident that iOS 16 will continue Apple’s concept of providing you with additional security, privacy, and control over your iPhone. The specific date of release is unknown, however, it will most likely be in September, in conjunction with the release of the next iPhones. 



Source: Forbes

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3 Stunning Features Of iOS 16  

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