How To Immediately Install Android 13 On Pixel?  

Google said that it would start pushing out the Android 13 upgrade to its lineup of Pixel devices on August 15, 2022. Although, as is customary with Android updates, this does not imply that, even if you own a Pixel device that qualifies (essentially, a Pixel 4 or newer), you will instantly have the update accessible. Google frequently needs several weeks to provide the upgrade to all devices.    

Install Android 13 On Pixel

Although there is always the option to sideload the update immediately using Android‘s development tools, a Mac or PC, and a USB cord, there is also a simpler, computer-free choice available. Here’s a technique to compel the update to appear if you own a qualified Pixel smartphone and are sick of seeing the system update screen declare there’s nothing new.     


If you’re curious whether Android 13 will significantly improve your smartphone over Android 12, I’m here to inform you that it won’t. A few settings have been changed, and the multimedia player in the notice tray has been given a minor facelift. But overall, right down to the choices for customizing the theme, it looks and behaves very much like Android 12 on Pixel smartphones.  

Install Android 13 On Pixel

Just on the positive hand, we have been testing Android 13 beta versions and have not seen any difficulties that would cause you to repent updating. Customers of specific applications may wish to be conscious of a few additional technical changes (Mishaal Rahman compiled a useful list of 50 critical changes in this Reddit thread), but the majority of users should be able to upgrade without issue.     


Joining Google‘s Android Beta program is the first stage, which has given curious Pixel users access to the latest software’s testing grounds all summer. But if you sign up today, you won’t get a beta build because Android 13 is already available in its final form. The Android operating system will be the same one that Google is gradually distributing to everyone.   

  • Log in with the same Google account that your smartphone uses to the Android Beta program website using any gadget with a browser.  
  • There is an option to “view eligible devices” at the top. The website will scroll to the bottom once you tap that, where you should potentially find your Pixel phone.  
  • The “Opt in” button can then be clicked to sign up for the beta. You must acknowledge the program’s terms of service in the popup that pops up before selecting Confirm and Enroll.  

Install Android 13 On Pixel


  • You may now access the beta program on your smartphone by going to the settings application, scrolling down to System, tapping that, and then tapping System Update. The Android 13 upgrade should be available immediately. For installation, tap the button that appears.    

This procedure is mostly evidently required for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones. It seems that the update is more easily accessible if you own a Pixel 4 or 5. Just be warned that if you upgrade your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro to Android 13, you cannot go back to Android 12 at a later time. 

Source: The Verge

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How To Immediately Install Android 13 On Pixel?  

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