Scanning QR Code Using a Samsung Galaxy Phone  

QR codes, which were created to replace barcodes, have been there since 1994. They are growing more popular and are becoming a part of life. We first saw them onboarding tickets and loyalty cards before scanning them. A QR code may hold a range of data, such as contact information, Wi-Fi passwords, URLs, and more.    

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Whether you’re in a restaurant looking for the menu or at a bus stop looking for the timetable, you’re likely to scan a QR code to get that information. Here’s how to accomplish that in a matter of seconds with your Samsung Galaxy mobile.  

How to Scan a QR Code Using the Camera Application on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone?    

Some people believe that an application is necessary, however, your Samsung smartphone does not require any additional software. Simply launch your phone’s built-in camera application as if you were going to capture a photo. Then, without pushing the shutter button, point your device’s camera at the QR code.     

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If your phone properly detects the code, a card displays at the bottom of your screen that allows the user to interact with the QR code’s information. To advance, simply tap the card. For instance, if the QR code includes Wi-Fi credentials, your smartphone will connect to it instantly. If there’s a link, it will launch your browser.  

In certain instances, the card will provide extra choices, which might be useful if you want to store or even share the material rather than open it right away. For instance, if a buddy is having problems reading a QR code at a restaurant, you may copy the link and give it to them.  

How to handle difficult to scan QR codes?

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Hold your phone farther away from the QR code if nothing occurs when you point your device at it. To assist your phone’s camera is focusing on the QR code, you can tap it on your screen. Last but not least, make sure your lens is clear. If something is blocking your phone’s vision, it will have problems decoding the code.  

How to read a QR code from a picture in the gallery on your Samsung Galaxy phone?  

While scanning QR codes don’t require any additional software, the Samsung camera and gallery applications can’t access locally stored photographs on your phone. Google‘s Lens app can accomplish it, though, perfectly well. To interact with a QR code, simply open the image and tap the circle.  

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You don’t have to download Google Lens if you don’t scan QR codes from nearby photographs. You can, however, use it to scan live ones if you choose to, just like you’d with Samsung’s camera application.  

QR codes are here to stay  

Because many nations use QR codes to validate vaccination cards and because many organizations are utilizing them to disseminate info to the people rather than printing it out, the COVID epidemic has increased the use of QR codes.  

Although often difficult to use, QR codes are here to stay. They are practical tools that can help you save time. 



Source: Androidpolice

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Scanning QR Code Using a Samsung Galaxy Phone  

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