The successor of Legacy Edge Browser coming soon   

Our windows computers will stop supporting the older version of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft said on Friday that the Chromium-based Edge browser will take over the current one.  

Edge Browser

The successor of Legacy Edge Browser coming soon :

The update will be released on April 13 and is a security upgrade.  

According to sources, Microsoft Edge’s Legacy version won’t be maintained beyond March 2021. The business has also started informing customers about the upgrade. Customers may get the MS Edge chromium version from the Microsoft webpage if they do not wish to wait until April.  

Edge Browser

In August 2020, Microsoft decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 and Legacy Edge. The final stage would have been lifted on April 13, 2021, since the business had intended to do so eventually.    

In April 2019, a beta version of the Microsoft Edge browser, which is based on Chromium, was made available publicly. The updated edition entered a steady stage in January 2020 after a delay of many months. The web browser shares a lot of similarities with Chrome at the core, but Microsoft has made certain enhancements.  

Edge Browser


Microsoft has historically been highly picky when it comes to web browsers, but their recent behavior with the Edge suggests that they are changing their minds. Despite the fact that web browsers like Chrome and Safari were revolutionizing both desktop and mobile surfing, it took the business decades to update or replace Internet Explorer. The transition to a Chromium-based browser finally materialized as the end result of selected evolution.    

There is no need to fear for users who already have the chromium edition of the web browser. The Chrome Edge will be unaffected by the next April upgrade, which will only delete the Legacy Edge. Cookies, cached memory, and browsing history will all be retained. 



Source: Technewstoday

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The successor of Legacy Edge Browser coming soon   

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