How To Restore Crucial Lost Text Messages On iPhone?  

Your SMS messages can be recovered in a variety of ways. A woman recently told me about how she unintentionally erased texts from her deceased husband. She was devastated. Fortunately, it is possible to retrieve deleted text messages from your iPhone

Restore Text Messages On iPhone 

The secret to getting SMS messages back:  

Accessing an earlier backup of your smartphone is your best option for recovering deleted texts messages. For your iPhone, you can accomplish that using iCloud.  

There is a significant caution you should bear in mind: You lose fresh data after that backup if you restore your phone to a prior backup.  

It’s important to note that these procedures don’t always work. If everything else fails, you could try calling your phone provider. For you, it could be able to recover deleted texts.     

On an iPhone, you must activate iCloud Drive and iCloud Backup in order to recover lost texts. This is how to activate Drive:  

  •  Open Settings to enable iCloud Drive.   
  •  After that, choose your Apple ID.  
  • Next, select iCloud.  
  • Finally, enable iCloud Drive. 

Restore Text Messages On iPhone

You then need to activate iCloud Backup. To do this, go to Settings, choose your Apple ID, hit iCloud, and then choose iCloud Backup.  

NOTE: Following that backup, you will lose all new data. Verify that the erased texts were worthwhile.    

How to recover deleted iPhone text messages : 

Keep in mind that accessing an outdated backup will reset your iPhone to its default settings. A few problems might result from this. To check if you have a backup accessible, take the following actions if you’re ready to take a chance:  

  • Visit Settings.  
  •  Decide on an Apple ID.  
  •  Select Backups under Manage Storage in iCloud.  

Restore Text Messages On iPhone

Then, adhere to these instructions to recover your smartphone from that backup:   

  • Select Reset under Settings > General.  
  • Click Erase All Settings and Content.  
  •  Tap Restore from iCloud Backup.  
  • Log in with your Apple ID, then choose Backup.    

Your phone will go back to the previous version. You may now start reading older content.     

If you’ve not backed up your iPhone using iCloud, this solution won’t work. 


Source: Ustoday

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How To Restore Crucial Lost Text Messages On iPhone?  

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